2022 Racing Schedule

April 23rdSkippers Meeting
May 7thLaunch Party/Burning of the Socks
May 18thPractice Race
May 25thMitten Mobile Race 1
June 1stMitten Mobile Race 2
June 8thMitten Mobile Race 3
June 13thDryer Monday Night Lite Race 1
June 15thMitten Mobile Race 4
June 20thDryer Monday Night Lite Race 2
June 22ndGRSC Fun Race/Tripp Cup
June 24thQueen's Cup
June 27thDryer Monday Night Lite Race 3
June 29thNorth Shore Marina Race 1
July 6thNorth Shore Marina Race 2
July 11thBaneberry Monday Night Lite Race 1
July 13thNorth Shore Marina Race 3
July 16thMaiden Race
July 20thNorth Shore Marina Race 4
July 24thJack Kelley 8+8 Cruising Rally
July 25thBaneberry Monday Night LIte Race 2
July 27thBluffton Bay Sails Race 1
August 3rdBluffton Bay Sails Race 2
August 8thBaneberry Monday Night Lite Race 3
August 10thBluffton Bay Sails Race 3
August 13thGRSC/MYC Commodore's Invitational
August 17thBluffton Bay Sails Race 4
August 22ndBaneberry Monday Night LIte Race 4
August 24thR. Smithe Race 1
August 31stR. Smithe Race 2
September 7thR. Smithe Race 3
September 10thAnchorage Cup
September 14thPat Clark Memorial Race 1
September 21stPat Clark Memorial Race 2
September 28thPat Clark Memorial Race 3

2022 Scratch Sheet

Spinnaker Division

Boat NamePHRF
MeistariBoat: J-30
Helm: Kelly/Pitsch
Sail #: 454
BaneberryBoat: C&C 33 MK1
Helm: Beighley
Sail #: 20572

Jib & Main Division

Windy CBoat: Perason 23
Helm: Creason
Sail #: 12345
Fenna RoseBoat: S2
Helm: Lystra
Sail #: 121

2022 Racing Sponsors

Baneberry Cup

Susan Harper

R. Smith Builders

Dryer Architectural Group

Pat Clark Memorial

Betty Clark

Grand River Sailing Club

219 N. Harbor
Grand Haven, MI 49417